Hello my friend, I’ve missed you.


I know we haven’t spoken in a long while. Probably since you decided that pink floral jumpsuits were not your style after a very unfortunate event with a side-walk and an elbow. How such an event caused such a revelation I don’t know. Regardless, I was happy to see you old friend.

I’m not here to reprimand you for your absence. I get it. If anyone gets it, it’s me. I’m here to greet you and to welcome you back. Or perhaps it is the first welcome as you are not that little girl in a horrid little jumpsuit, are you?

You’ve grown so much; you must know, I’m so proud of you. Even if I never told you, and even if all I did was hide in the shadows while you perished. Even if I thought you’d never make it out and even if I thought you’d flounder through life. I was proved wrong, and I’m so thankful to be wrong.

Not that I want this to go to your head, but you should know. You are strong, beautiful and talented and I never should have left you. I was so scared. So scared. I missed everything and I’m so sorry you went at it alone.

I will never ever leave you again and I will always be there to support you and lift you back up. Always.

I’m here now, to introduce, to remind you, of your best friend – you. And boy have I missed me.

Welcome home.


From Failed Food Posts to Pretty Pets

Since my last post on food was an utter failure – thanks guys ;)-  I’ll just post a picture of my adorkable puppy to satiate my need for a post and all those delicious views. If you follow, more pet picture will be the reward 😉

Thief watching my post pics of him from the ground, where his cute butt belongs

Thief watching me post pics of him from the ground, where his cute butt belongs

And now my cat, Kizzy has caught me adoring someone other than her and this is the death look she gave me on top of her pinky pillow

Feel the roar

Kizzy watching me post pictures of her arch enemy

Happy weekend fellow bloggers!!