I need two days, please.

If we were to have coffee, at least for today, I might tell you of my struggle to be meaningful. I would ask if you ever had days where you felt meaningless? Where you felt as if there wasn’t much to be proud of, that you hadn’t done much worth meaning.

I would spew my jumbled and erratic thoughts your way, hoping some of it rang true for you as well, so maybe you could offer advise, or you could relate; because relating with another human being, makes things seem less raw.  You’d be a layer of skin to help me move forward

If we were to have coffee tomorrow, at least,  I would l tell you what I did to be meaningful the day before. I would ask if you ever had days where you felt  meaningful? Where you felt as if you had done so much to be proud of, you stumbled but you rose and created something meaningful?

So thank you for meeting with me twice, and being my anchor to reality, for seeing me through my days.




3 thoughts on “I need two days, please.

  1. Of course I have had days when I felt meaningless. Sometimes those days stretched in to weeks and months. One of the books I read helped me a lot to find meaning in day to day life. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. There is a section in the book where he asks you to think of your funeral. 3 people from 3 areas in your life, like family, work, and friends, and they are going to give speeches about you at your funeral. He says to imagine what you would like them to say about you. You then use those things to find out what your core values are. With these core values and also the roles that you play in life you can come up with really great things. And then he talks about being productive on a day to day basis with a quadrant method and using your core values to find meaning. I think I am doing a really poor job explaining this lol. So let me stop there and simply say give the book a shot 🙂 xo


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