Burn it All Down

Sorry about my long absence over the Christmas break and such but I am back and have decided to challenge myself this year. I want to start writing short fiction which has always been hard for me. I find it difficult to develop plot and character. so I decided to put up pieces on here, excerpts so to speak. It will probably take me months to develop as I need guidance but I plan to put up my initial idea below and then through advice, or tips I will edit and fill in things such as setting and character. Please keep in mind that this next post is a jumble of ideas but I know there is something in there I want to pull out so excuse its lack of structure or coherency. Also, keep in mind that my sentence fragments and poor grammar at times is a writing style of my own. other than that, all edits, advice, etc is needed and appreciated.

Burn it All Down

Stories aren’t usually written about people like me. They’re written about people like my sister; beautiful and average intelligence. Simple, yet kind.  Hair the colour of straw that shimmers in any light. She knows when to smile and laugh at jokes.  She can make any one feel welcome and all the knights in their shinning armor adore her.  She is the ideal heroine.

People don’t usually write stories about me, the villain. I burn too brightly and who wants to look at something that could scorch your retinas. From afar it seems like a glorious light, miraculous and mysterious at its distance.  Like the sun however, the closer you get, the more you realize what a terrible mistake you’ve made. Hopefully you can get out in time.

Her and I were never close but never far apart either, what kept us in contact was turmoil. A struggle between light and dark.  Constant.  And with all things that come too close, she was gone. What’s left is the villain, the girl, the one who always gets kept at a distance. The one who broke your heart and laughed.  The one that still intrigues you.


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