I recently stumbled on this wonderful idea by a woman named Rochelle and decided to enter her photo prompt club type thing that she has on her blog. The challenge is to write a story about a photo that is given out weekly as a prompt. The flash fiction should be under 100 words and I’ve managed to do that! If anyone else is interested in participating Rochelle’s blog link will be below the photo.

weekly prompt

Carnage 92 words

Whenever disasters such as these sweep the land, it strips away all that was pure and only leaves the carnage. It shows us our mistakes, our trash.  As a survivor, I feel ashamed of what I see; deep beneath the plastics and metals is death.  I feel ashamed at what our kind has done so I walk amongst the wreckage.  I embrace it and shout out my rage so that perhaps someone will hear it. So that perhaps something can change.  So that perhaps, the next disaster will only leave the pure.


14 thoughts on “Carnage

  1. It is the way humans act. Most of them did not think about nature and life. They’re thinking about themselves and the result we can see on the picture. What we can do is to inspire people acting different to nature and life. We are part of it and have to take care! If we don’t do anything who else should?


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